Hon. Governor - Southern Province

Dr. Hemakumara Nanayakkara

Constantly blessed by the warmth of mother native, the southern Province has always succeeded in enchanting local and foreign tourist alike. The southern region stands apart from many developed regions in the world in terms of its broad resplendent coast, exotic rain forests with its rich bio diversity and with its numerous sites famed for their historical value. For many centuries this region has won appraisal across the world for its unique in craftsmanship. This craftsmanship has managed to win the hearts of many tourists who visit this beautiful island. To such on extend that they always remember to lake a trace of it back to their homes as memorabilia. Hens, it is the prime duty of the craftsmen to provide them with the best the snatch has to offer.
This commendable effect of presenting creative profiles of the best of these craftsmen in a web site should be lauded.
Hence, I hereby extend my sincere gratitude to everyone who has exerted themselves to present the web site of "Best of Southern"

Hon. Chief Minister - Southern Province

Mr. Shan Wijayalal De Silva

Southern Lanka is the origin of our prestigious generation. It imparts life blood showing the prestige of Sri Lankan land. I have great pleasure as chief minister of southern province to send best wishes to the tourist handbook and web site which was launched to encourage traditional industrialist " Best of the southern province " would encourage traditional industrialists in such a valuable generation.

Launching of a tourist hand book and a web site has to be greatly valued as it includes photographers and details depicting excellent creations of the best industrialist selected out of 24 traditional industries in Ruhuna by southern sports rural industries and tourist ministry.

I wish that it would be possible thought tourist hand book best of the southern province and web site to raise the living standards by increasing the income coming to our country and showing our carvings it the world this world enable to fulfill the objecting of raising local and foreign tourism by " Mahinda Chinthana For Sight " of His Excellency, Mahinda Rajapaksha, the president of Sri Lanka.

I like to express my wishes to all who design and also who assisted in making tourist handbook

" Best of the southern province " and web site I wish success.

Hon. Minister - Ministry of Sports & Youth affairs, Rural Development, Cultural & Art Affairs, Social Welfare, Probation & Child Care Services, Women's Affairs & Home Economic Enhancement, Housing & Construction and Manpower & Employment - Southern Province

Mr. Manoj Sirisena

It is a pleasure to extend my heartfelt wishes to the "Best of Southern" web site

I sincerely believe that the web site namely "Best of Southern" has influenced traditional crafts and productions unique to the southern province in a profound way.
One can trace the southern province's place in the artistic world back to many centuries. Since time immemorial our province has carved her way to heights of fame through generation of artisans who have carried the legacy of their ancestors with creative enthusiasm. This project aims at introducing these craftsmen to the mainstream market, exhibiting their skills to an international audience thus aiding them to gain exposure at home and overseas. Furthermore this project has also succeeded in opening the doors for these craftsmen to gain a sustainable income.
Hence, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have toiled in transforming the "Best of Southern" web site in to a productive outlet for the craftsmen of province, thus realizing the initial concept of former Hon. Minister of Sports, Rural Development Of Southern Province

Chief Secretary - Southern Province

R.C. De Zoysa

I am pleased to send this message on the occasion of web site, “Best of the Southern Province" by the Southern Provincial Ministry of Sports, Rural development in which photographs,and tourist information reflecting the production process of the best producers in the Southern Province are included.

I take this opportunity to thank Hon. Minister of Sports, Rural development, Secretary and the Staff of the Ministry with regard to performing such a task for the promotion of the rural industries in the Southern Province which is rapidly moving towards development. I consider that the launching of web site for fulfilling the objective of developing rural industries specially set in the Southern Development should be appreciated.

The promotion of the rural development in the Southern Province provides a solution to the problem of unemployment in the province to some extent thereby raising the living standard of the people, an objective set by the government to be achieved and it is important to identify, appreciate and encourage the traditional and non traditional industrialists, who produce goods with tourist attraction and I wish the endeavor of the ministry a great success.

Secretary - Ministry of Sports & youth affairs, Rural Development, Cultural & Art Affairs, Social Welfare, Probation & Childcare Services, Women's Affairs & Home Economic Enhancement, Housing & Construction and Manpower & Employment. - Southern Provincial Council

Mr. G.L. Wernon Perera

It is indeed a pleasure for me to express my heart-felt wishes for the second edition of the “Best of Southern’ tourist hand book.

Southern Province has been famous for several handicrafts with sophisticated creations. It has a grand history to present the best creations of wood carvings, Masks, gold & silver jewelry, Beeralu lace which can be seen only in Southern region, clay products etc. Best of Southern tourist guide book provides a blue print of Southern handicraft paradise with all information of the craftsmen, industrialists & entrepreneurs. Local & overseas buyers who wish to buy the best creations in Southern Province can directly contact the craftsmen.

Hence we hope the doors of international market will be open for Southern Provincial local industries to promote their dignity and heritage.

Going through the pages of this booklet you will notice that the Southern craftsmen have much to offer you to give the truly experience of Southern industries.

As the Secretary of the Provincial Ministry of Cultural & Art Affairs, Home Economic Development…I invite you to enjoy with the best creations of our Southern Craftsmen. .

Hon. Former Minister To the Ministry of Industries - Southern Province

Mr. Weerasumana Weerasinha

The Southern province has a rich heritage in traditional industries, arts and crafts, dating back to many centuries. It is also fast developing to be a major area of tourism in the country. It is therefore vitally important that the local small and medium scale industrialists and craftsmen are introduced to modern techniques to enable them to cater successfully to the newly emerging markets which are created through tourism.

To fulfill this need, the Best of the Southern Province Project Was launched on my initiative. Under this project, the following major tasks have been undertaken: Identifying the crafts and industries which would be specially attractive to the tourist market. Enhancing the quality of these products so that they would be up to international standard. To introduce modern marketing strategies to create effective linkages between the producers and the buyers.

Accordingly, a website has been designed in which all information pertaining to the products and the manufacturers will be entered. Even the locations in which the industrialists and their show rooms are sited would be included in the website using GIS technology, so that such information could be accessed by prospective buyers.

A brochure will be printed, which will be made available to visitors as well as hotels, travel agents and all other institutions catering to the needs of tourists.

This is the first time that a venture of this nature has been launched in the Southern Province, and it will virtually give new life to the traditional industrialists and craftsman in the area.

Our ultimate objective is to raise the standard of our industrialists and craftsmen to international level.

Finally, I would wish to express my appreciation and commendation to all the officials of my Ministry and institutions coming under our purview who have given their active support to make this project a success.

Former Secretary To The Ministry Of Industries - Southern Province

Mr. Chinthaka S. Lokuhetti

the core objective of this project is to provide rural craftsmen with opportunities to step in to the world of both the local and global markets as well as guide them towards commercial recognition.

Furthermore, a tourism brochure illustrating 240 craftsmen indulging in around 24 indigenous crafts including handloom, brass carving, wood carving and traditional mask making will be launched along with a website.

Parallel to this, there will be a comprehensive description of sites located in the southern province that have the potential of attracting tourists, through these measures, this project hopes to strive towards awakening the enthusiasm of traditional crafts as well as bringing about economic & social development.

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